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Hello, guys

I have had a look around for some related comments but can’t see any to do with this issue.

I have bought a 2nd hand RD1840 Snapper which has a Tuff Torq K46, when it arrived ran ok then got slower and slower, it also made a lot of noise, particularly when on a slight hill. Looking on this forum and online I self diagnosed, that the issue was the K46 transmission. I took the transmission out of the lawnmower, opened it up and all the pumps etc were clean, no marking, so I replaced all the seals and put it back together. Once back in the lawnmower I bled air out of the transmission systems and the mower worked great.......... for about 15min then the same issue happened. Lack/no power, and the same noise. So i have not fixed the problems.
Do you guys have any ideas on what the problem could be?

I have add in a video link below.

Lawnmower Noise Video

Thank you in advance
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