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Snapper or Toro?

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Greeting to all.

As a new member to the group and looking for sound advice from the experts, I hope I can use you experience and knowledge to make the right choice.
Here's my situation. I live in SW Washington St. I have a couple acres of both flat and hilly slope of about 4 degrees or so that I have been mowing with a good ole Craftsman Push mower given to me 5 yrs ago. (I mow the slope from side to side not up and down). So I know I have much sympathy out there. I managed to keep the front yard mowed and most of the slope, but as I am now 48 yrs young, I can't bear the thought of another year of stiff back and aching mucles.
Although I wear the Pant in the Family my wife tells me what color, So after much whinning she has given me permission to buy a Riding Mower.

I have spent much time reviewing this site and reading reviews of all the top brands, JD Craftsman, HV etc....
I want to buy American made, and the only one I found is the snapper.

I have narrowed it down to the Snapper LT 125 24 hp 46" cut Or, the
Toro LX 468.

Both are comparable on price, the Snapper has the B&S 24 hp engine and the Toro the 22 hp Kholer.

I hope I have given you enough information to help me decide. If you need further info. to help in your recommendation No problem.

where is the toro made? It may come down to that for me.
Thank you for your:thanku: help
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You may look at simplicity also. Biggs owns both them and snapper. The decks on simplicity are bar none.

I would look at the toro if it a command engine.I have an old snapper,and love it,but the kohler engine with oil pump,will last a long time
After talking to the Toro Dealer he told me that I could buy the LX 648 at one of the Big Box Stores. That was enough to make my decision to buy a Snapper. USA BUILT, and with a great reputation.
Now will there be a Labor day sale? Do Dealers usually reduce prices at this time? :i_praying

Thank you to those of you that replied to my post.

I made my decision.

I got a screaming deal, or at least I think it's a screaming deal? :bannana: I'll let you all be the judge
Simplicity Regent 22/44 from Oregon City Oregon dealer.
It's end of yr. clearance tent sale. they had one floor model and offered it to me for 2330.00. I came back at 2200.00. they accepted.
They also offer an additioonal 2 yr on top of the original warrany to cover everything, belts blades, even my own stupidity, + 4 yr. free inspection and oil changes etc....
Now even though I might have still paid to much. I don't think so?
I feel great about getting a quality machine at a great price and super warranty.
It paid off to heed the advise of the experts on MTF.
They will even deliver over 50 miles to my place. without charge.
Good by Mr. Craftsman Push mower. Hello Mr. Limo.
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