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snapped a screw Injection Pump 2150

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Hi John Deere experts,

I snapped the screw, which I'm pointing to in the photo. It now spurts out diesel when the tractor is running. I can't seem to find much information online about that screw, if I can simply order a new one. Any insight is much appreciated. Also, to note my mechanical skills are limited, but I'm always willing to learn and try.

The photo above is of the head for the screw.
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The way it has the hole in the nut part that snapped off, makes me think it’s part of the fuel screw. That hole is for safety wire so the screw doesn’t turn/tamper evident. If it’s the smoke screw then the IP will need to come off and the old broken off piece will need to be removed via an EZ out/thread extractor and replaced. Not something easily done at home. If it’s just a bleeder then you can remove the same way and replace.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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