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Checked the smoke stack sections from the wood stove last spring after the heating season ended. Found a couple of weak sections, so I decided to replace everything that went through the roof area.

Not inexpensive, but less than it could have been. New roof kit was about $100 or so. Then a couple of sections of pipe.

Tearing the old out, I found a couple of places where the wood ceiling boards were blackened, but not to the point of potential ignition. Another year might have been trouble though.

This morning outside temps are in the low 50s, so I decided to fire one up more as a smoke test than because I needed heat. Figured I'd do the first burn in case I needed to change something before it got too cold to mess with it.

Seems OK so far. Smoke is rising. No leaks that I can see.

Pipe though the roof area is bigger now, so I'm not sure what will happen with heat efficiency or loss.
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