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Small Front end Loader - Can you ID this unit?

Hello all,

Picked this piece up nearby, PO mentioned that he saved it from some type of small articulating tractor years ago. He did not remember the name.

Anyhow, it looks well built, grease-able bushings, has a center piston on some type of pivot/cantilever action for the dumping.
I also got the 2 lifts rams not pictured here.
This has no engraving, name plate or anything.

I tried googling pictures, not one like this.

The specs: Bucket is about 50" wide. I say it weighs about 250 to 300#
Height of the top most link point is at about 3'.

I am contemplating making an articulating Case tractor... seen other pics and youtube videos of "artic ingercase" that is a super nice machine that really impressed me :fing32:, so all this has got me thinking...
now this loader is on hand and I already have a 220 that is looking at me, if I find another rear end.... it just may go under the saw...

I got a couple of cell pictures, plus it is dark out.

Any of you know what type of machine had a loader like this?


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that thing looks broken. better send it over south of Detroit to me. would look nice on the front of the 990.

real nice haul ya got there. kinda looks like it went on a small skid steer to me.

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I saw one similar to that one on one of those things you stand up on and ride like a warehouse forklift truck,something like a "Dingo" Toro has....but it could be from anything for all I know too,so many impliments look the same!..
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