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slkpk - Meg-Mo

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I have followed your use of Meg-Mo by reading your posts starting a few years back. I bit that bullet and have ordered them. I remember reading something specific about engaging the blades. At what throttle point do you engage and disengage them? Are there any special things you do with them that are different than you do with other blades.

X-500, 48C inch deck

Thanks for all the time you have spent reviewing these.

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I think they are going to clunk regardless, but when I ran mine I engaged at lower RPM's as I recall.
On the gas 18HP Ingersoll with 44" deck I engage at 1/2 throttle and on my 2305 diesel engine 1500 rpm and it's a 54" deck. Just the way they are built they will always make a clunking sound when you first engage them. I still use them and wouldn't go back to any other blades. This is my 4th season using them. slkpk
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