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Slicer/Seeder (Overseeding) - Anyone used one before?

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I have some large spots that the fungus got really bad. I am going to plug aerate this Saturday & overseed. My local rental place has a slicer seeder like the this one.

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Has anyone used one of these before? It seems like the way to go versus broadcast spreader. I was going to overseed with a broadcast spreader over most of my lawn (I have about 35,000 sq ft of lawn total) and then use this slicer/seeder for the bad spots (about 4000 sq ft) that was hit by fungus really bad.

Any thoughts, advice or experience with this process?
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I have used one in the past and will again next week. You will want to cut the grass down as low as you can and bag up clippings. Go over the area with the machine in two directions at 90 degrees. Water in deep the first time and then light watering to keep the top of the soil moist.

I have never used the Bluebird model like the one in your picture. Essentially the rotating blades will pull the machine along. You will see tracks of where you have gone over.

Good luck - oh and do not forget the starter fertilizer!
Thanks! Glad to know that someone has used it with success.
I did a renovation on 14k sqft last year. I wasn't happy with the rate the new seed was filling in at so I rented a machine similar to the slicer you have. Mine had a hopper to hold the seed as well as an adjustment to control the rate the seed was dispensed. What I found was that it was easier for me to just run the slicer over the area then broadcast the seed with a push spreader.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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