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Sleeve Hitch size(s)?

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Hello all,

Are the Sleeve Hitches for the Case/Ingersoll the same size for the 200 and the 400 series? Or are they different.

Also, The rise and lower bar, are they the same lenth?

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So the 446 short and long frames the lift arm may be different?
Am I Correct?
Thanks for the measurements. I loved the photo in the refered other forum mentioned.

I bought an old sleeve hitch after seeing one on a tractor. Always wanted a 3-point but after seeing the sleeve hitch, I was sold.
The hitch I bought didn't have the lifting arm, so I was thinking of making one. After seeing the sizes, I now know I have the shorter style. No wonder I got a deal.

As mentioned, I can't use any attachments because they would hit the rear wheel. But I guess I can use it to lift my car trailer and tote it around the yard so that I can mow under it.

Thanks a bunch fellows!!

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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