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Sleeve Hitch size(s)?

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Hello all,

Are the Sleeve Hitches for the Case/Ingersoll the same size for the 200 and the 400 series? Or are they different.

Also, The rise and lower bar, are they the same lenth?

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In short, yes they are different.

There are two different types, short one for the 200's & longer for the 400's. The lift arms I believe are the same expect for 400 series after 1980 as they require a longer one as the frames on 1980's and after are a couple inches longer. There may be a difference too on the attachment pivots that bolt onto the rearends of the newer four digit models which I have heard, not personally seen. The pros may be able to give you the exact sleeve hitch models but I'm not up on the Case/Ingersoll model names, the parts manual for your model based on It's seriel number will give you the correct model number.

Short sleeve hitches can bolted on to the big wheel 400 series but the attachments such as a tiller will hit the rear wheels but if you have something else that sticks out it might work. Of course if a longer sleeve hitch on a 200, it will just hang out further on the back.

BTW - I came across a short sleeve hitch that is different than any I have seen in the parts books, it's side frame is made of flat steel insteed of angle iron and has no horizontal renforcement. This might be a early one that I read about in a Case tech bulliton which asks the dealers to weld the brace on to reinforce it.
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So the 446 short and long frames the lift arm may be different?
Am I Correct?
They might be but typically most of the used sleeve hitches I have seen are off older pre 1980 tractors and the lift arms are the same (for the shorter frame tractors) as its usually the older tractors that get parted out. One thing too that I didn't describe is a third componant which is the lift plate. That's a mostly rectangle plate that bolts onto the tractor's lift by the operator's right foot, this is easy to fabricate but this plate is required for the sleeve hitch and front-end push blades.

Might be easier if you tell us what you have or describe what you are looking to buy, search the forum, there are plans and description of the lengths to build your own. If you can weld, its not difficult esp the lift plate or arm. I have made my own when I bought the main sleeve hitch frames that didn't include them along with extending a short hitch into a longer one. Let me see if I can find that message thread.....

Here ya go, it's the second message posted by CP7. It does not describe the longer lift arm but as I mentioned, for most of the older tractors, this isn't a issue. The plans posted by CP7 are for the short frame models. Again, the frame length only involves 400 & 4000 Ingersoll series models made after 1979 which was when Case introduced the 60" mower deck which needed more space underneath. To my understanding, the 200 series including newer Ingersoll 3000 models have the same frame lengths and never changed.
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It seems the shorter sleeve hitches are more common, I ended up with one when I had two 446's and debated either cutting it and making it longer or find the longer. I found it was easier to just get a 224 instead including picking up a hydraulic PTO valve it so the plan is to have one for mowing and the other to push snow in the winter and till in the summer.

I believe the sleeve hitches are great as I never understood the popularity of the cat 0 3 point hitches since there are only a handful of attachments that can be used with them, not to mention they are expensive!

It's not bad to make the lift arm a couple inches longer as it gives you a longer stroke increasing the range the hitch can move.
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