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Single bottom plow

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Found 2 single bottom plows for $80 each. Is this a good price?
They are old but seem very solid. Not sure what brand they are at this point.
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sleeve hitch or 3pt? price sounds good
Just looks like it bolts to something in the front. If I recall, it looks like it would bolt to a vertical bar. There is no turf slicer wheel in the front. It will end up being a 3 pt when I am done with it. Never really dealt with plows before, but the tractor show ends tomorrow, and the plows go away. What are good brands from years ago?
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sounds like a sleeve hitch. brinley hardy is a popular plow manufacturer. but newer ones can also be bought from agrifab
Ohio Steel Fabricators, Wheelhorse and Simplicity also had thier own sleeve hitch plows. They all do the same thing and work well when properly set up on the tractor. Mike
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