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Simplicity Regent 19.5/38 Review

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A new member of the family showed up....

I picked this up earlier this week at my dealer. I actually have no idea what year it is, I just know it is brand new. Model #2690810. The engine is dated 2009 so I gotta believe this is a 2009 or 2010 model. It was dealer NOS and the price was good. I added an hour meter this week. So far, I have mowed once, and driven it often. This is the official groundskeeper of my 1/3 acre lot. Perfect size unit for my needs. In all honesty, this would be the perfect unit for anyone with 1/3-1 acre of mostly flat land.


I am amazed how smooth the single cylinder engine is when idling and under load. It is also quiet. I would have liked the twin being offered for 2013, but I have no regrets with the single.:fing32: Interestingly, my dealer had 3 of these units. Some had "Briggs Professional" engines and some have the "ELS XRD" engine. I'm told and B&S changed the name from "ELS XRD" to "Professional Series" during production so you will find these labeled one way or the other, but same engine.:dunno: In any case, I'm thrilled with this engine. Smooth power and plenty of it! I like the pressure lubrication and spin on oil filter. I have no reason to believe that with proper maintenance this would not last a long time. Engine might be a bit cold-blooded, but I think I just need to follow starting procedures more closely.


This model has the Tuff Torque K46 transmission, and I like it...a lot! Very smooth and responsive for my needs. Not much else to say here. Traction has a few limitations in mound/hill situations but the Regent has small tires so that is probably more of the cause than anything. Otherwise, I think this will have a good service life despite not being a serviceable unit.


I think everything is thoughtfully laid out. Controls are easy to see and reach, and mostly intuitive. I must say, I'm not a big fan of tractor manufacturer's using "Duplo" style levers and switch gear. Seems "toyish" at times, but I'm nitpicking here. The deck height crank gave me some trouble earlier in the week, but the nuts on the connecting arms were just too tight. Once loosened a bit, everything moved much more freely. I think the deck raise/lower lever has a good mechanical feel to it also. It does not come cross as a linkage that is flimsy and likely to fail. Seat is adjustable and comfortable.


It's a Simplicity with a Simplicty deck. Nuff said.:fing32:

The deck is very robust, especially given Regent's price point in the market. It is 12 ga. The deck and pulleys are proven designs that have been around for many, many years. They just work. The floating deck with full rollers just cannot be beat in my opinion. The spindles have grease fittings, and the deck can be removed from the tractor in minutes. One belt and a spring-loaded connecting arm and it's off.:congrats: I experienced no scalping during my session and the cut was even. And the stripes....well, they just look fantastic.


A welded 12 ga. frame from front to rear. I think this is key. Simplicity has a full length frame. There's a lot of metal here. The front axle is a heavy cast iron type with grease fittings. It is also pivoting...a huge benefit for handling. The tight 14" turning radius is one of my favorite features. The Regent can get in and out of some very tight spots beautifully. I appreciate the steel hood. Most other makers have gone to plastic/composite hoods. This is a nice touch of quality.


I am really impressed so far with this unit. Because I have a smallish yard, I have been realistic about my true needs. While I would have appreciated the additional durability of the Broadmoor, it starts with a 44" deck and that was larger than I wanted. Compared to other lawn tractors that compete in this segment, I think Regent is among the best. John Deere has some really nice stuff too, but I feel the value is not as strong as it is with Simplicity.

If you, or someone you know, is in the market for a high quality riding lawn mower that will deliver a legendary cut, Regent should be on the short list.



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Excellent review, Gary.

Also, nice job installing the hour meter. What brand/model dd you go with? Was it easy to install in the dash? Did you drill or cut a hole for the wire?
Excellent review, Gary.

Also, nice job installing the hour meter. What brand/model did you go with? Was it easy to install in the dash? Did you drill or cut a hole for the wire?
I bought a couple of these hour meters online for $10 each and I think they work great. They are generic, but fully waterproof. I had to buy a new lead wire as the one that us supplied was too short. I bought some 18 ga. wire at Walmart and that worked fine. I drilled a small hole in the factory blank in the lower right hand corner and used silicone to adhere the cause to the blank. It looks real good. Interestingly, you might be able to order the hour meter for A Broadmoor as the pigtail is already there.:fing32:
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I need to do this as well! I like the location Gary... Thanks!
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