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Simplicity 75th Ann FIX ?

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I had wonderful responses to the problem with the Triad to which i got a fix... but i'm wondering if anyone had used this fix and would have pictures showing the fix:

{. 1. The air cleaner box is shallower than the CH. The air cleaner has the same number of square inches of filter as the CH. Due to the low profile the pleats are deeper. The box is in direct line from the blower and is like blowing into a shoe box. The Simplicity deck is a very good cutting deck and the blade tip bottoms are even with the bottom of the deck housing in front. This increases the blow out in front of the deck, but provides the best cut and lifting of the grass. These engines have very efficient fans and suck the chaff in very efficiently. The result is the air cleaner box may be packed full in an hour or 2 in dry mowing conditions. My night guy has a Sovereign and used about 8 air filters a season, and cleaned them every 2 to 4 hours of use. We cut 2 "mouse holes" in the PTO end of the air cleaner cover to let the chaff blow on through and he now uses one air cleaner element a year. The original engine is still running fine in this mower. When the air box gets packed one way or another some of the dirt and gets by and dirt ingestion ruins the mower.]

I would love to see pics demo of this!

Thanks in advance
A Simplicity Newbee
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Another thought, not regarding the air box, but to aid in eleviating future valve cover leaks. This suggestion was provided in the past, for the RH side valve cover:

"the valve cover mounted fuel pump flexes the cover and causes it to leak. I think many Triad owners switched to pulse or electric fuel pumps."

Might be one more fix that folks here could post pics/info on, if they have done it. This has the potential to be a great thread, for future reference.
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