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Simplicity 728-Electrical Assistance Needed

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I purchased a Simplicity 728 knowing it had a blown engine for $25. I replaced the engine with a 8hp Briggs & Stratton engine with a pull start off a Snapper rider. The engine was mounted and the engine started and tractor was operational. I then installed an electric starter, replace the points with a Magneto armature and DC Only Alternator. I was able to successfully start the engine using the key, but then after a week or so fuses started to blow and the wire leading to the fuse began to melt and smoke.

I'm not electrical savy and need some assistance.


The starter, magneto and alternator(Part #393814 according to the parts manual) came off a 8HP Briggs & Stratton engine with an engine model 196707-0144-01-970424YE. The replacement engine has a model number of 190702-1188-01-81091012.
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Taking steps to identify the cause I noticed that discontecting the wire from the alternator eliminated the fuse from blowing. This wasn't always happening originally. I then was able to start the engine using the electric starter, but there were times where smoke starter to appear. Thats when the wire that comes from the solenoid to the ammeter, with the inline fuse, was melting.

Also, the flywheel was also replaced. The starter, magento, flywheel and alternator all came off the engine model 196707-0144-01-970424YE.

If you have any suggestions, I will try them and let you know.

Sounds like you have a short circuit somewhere, perhaps a pinched wire. I'd take a close look at all the wiring, especially where it enters the engine shroud, as well as what's under the shroud. Since it worked for a while, a pinched wire may have finally worn through and shorted to ground.
A shorted diode could cause this too, so a meter check of your diode(s) would also be in order.
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