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Simplicity 7013

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Not a Simplicity kind of guy but my grampa brought home a 7013. it's fairly straight and seems to be original. first what would somthing like this be worth, what years did they make them, and what kind of motor do these run? Thanks in advance:thanku:

sorry, having issues uploading pictures

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tractor alone or any atachments? Tractor by itself (running) is worth $150-200. and were made between 1974-1977. Had 13 HP Briggs 302431
thanks a lot for the info,my grampa bought it for $40, the tractor has no attactments and the motor turns over with the battery we got with it, and all 4 tires hold air
That tractor is a shuttle shift, so I'd download the manual for it to learn the correct operation.
Looks like somebody swapped front ends at some point too (the axle/steering gear)
thanks for all the info hopefully we get it running and maybe find some atachments.
Nice find on a tractor, I have 7013S, 7014,7016S,7010. I also have a 2210. These things are tanks, you will like the abilities of the tractor. I think the one drawback is the pto clutch to run the decks and tillers.

Put a snow blade on it and be impressed at its pushing abilities.

Good luck
That tractor is a shuttle shift, so I'd download the manual for it to learn the correct operation.
agreed,,,,also need to follow manual to the letter on adjustment of the drive. If you have any issues with the cone clutch on the center PTO it is simple enough that it can be fixed easily. The cone clutch on my 3414s (almost identical to 7013) is lined with split leather . It has worked flawlessly for over three years.
thanks for the help, we are still not sure what we want to do with it yet but if we decide to use it i'll probably be back for help:thanku:
Hello again, we got the 7013 running and it runs great, the only issuses are is the belt on the starter generator likes to slip but that shouldn't be a big deal, but the belt sliped going is forward, we adjusted it but now it slips going in revese should i get new belts all the way around or am i adjusting this wrong, thanks again for any info.
If you have adjusted according to the letter in the instructions in manual than you probably need a new forward belt and possibly the reverse brake band. the main traction belt is apparently ok.
thanks for the info i think we will get all the belts replaced thanks for the info
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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