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Simplicity 5212 Dozer Blade Lift Rod Specs

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This info is for a Simplicity 5212.5 with dozer blade part no. 1690085

A member asked for this info to fabricate the lift rod in a private message ... I thought I would put here so it would be available to all just in case.

Pictures below are worth a thousand words, however also note:

1) Rod is 0.5" diameter

2) All bends are in the same plane

3) Exact position of bends is not too critical - they are there to clear foot board & pedal of tractor and your own leg/foot.

4) I am not sure I have the "rod guide" (the front collar that goes thru the hole in the plow frame) in the official direction. It doesn't matter much and will just change where the other collars on each side of the spring are set. These positions are adjustable depending on how high you want the blade in the up position, and how much down pressure you want (by how much you compress the spring), but the positions in the photo should get you started. This adjustment is explained in detail in the documents available at and entering the plow part number (1690085).

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Thank you Rdfisch for taking the time to measure and take pictures for me so that I can make a lift rod for my dozer blade. Also others can see what they will need to make one if they buy a dozer and the lift rod is missing.
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