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I was working at a customers house who happens to have a few old tractors sitting around rotting away. I saw this simplicity buried and asked about it. He's interested in getting rid of it, I am possibly interested in it and neither of us know what its worth. Were doing work for the guy so I don't want to lowball him and whatnot since I am sort of representing my company here as well. Just trying to see a fair price of this tractor..

He said it ran good and mowed good but the simplicity deck rotted out so they got a different mower. Then he got an AC deck that he was going to rebuild but hasn't yet. I have no idea if the tractor actually would run now or not. So assuming not, what is a fair price for all this?

Lastly, I am mainly interested in the dozer blade.. would it by chance fit my 6212.5 with some modification? Would anyone in the Northwest Ohio area be interested in any of the other stuff if I can get a deal done?

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I ran this exact model machine for several years. You can look up many threads about it under my name.

This one looks a little rough but it may just be cosmetic. If it is running and functional it is a hard machine to stop. In WI I sold two non-running versions of this for $225 each, no/deck. Running, in the current condition, I would go $300-350 on it. I sold one in much better condition for $500 w/fully functional deck. You can still get parts for these if you have a decent dealer that is carrying some new old stock, unique parts will only be available on other salvage machines.

Not sure what each individual attachment would go for but I would easily ballpark them at $100 to $150 each. You should be able to find plenty of decks to scrounge for parts if you decide to get it.

Good luck.
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