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Simplicity 12.5 LTD 38 Deck Height

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Simplicity 12.5 LTH 38 Deck Height

Was wondering if any of you could help me. I have a 12.5 LTH 38 that I bought used last year. Cuts perfectly, but I'm trying to increase the deck height. Turning the crank to raise or lower the deck works but I'm only able to raise the deck to a maximum of 3". I'd like to raise the deck higher, possibly 4".

The LTD 38 is equipped with a striping kit (not sure if that was standard on this model). Is there a way to maximize the height of the deck by adjusting the nuts that connect the striping kit to the deck? I have a manual and it talks about leveling.

I doubt I'm even explaining this properly.:dunno: But can anyone assist?

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I believe the most any of these mowers were designed to have a maximum height of approximately 3 1/4". Wear on the rollers and shaft reduces that clearance over time.
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