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Similicity 4211 Local Craigslist

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Anyone have any thoughts on this 4211 that is up on my local Craigslist? I'm not sure about the price.

Simplicity Mower for sale…best I can tell this mower was purchased in the mid to late 80’s. I am the second owner of this mower. This mower runs very well and has been maintained routinely throughout its life and been stored inside. It runs very well and only has some minor damage to the front plastic grill area, this does not affect its performance in any way. Full bagger is included as well as all original manuals. This mower has an 11hp engine with a 36” mower deck, battery replaced in 2005.

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Although the bagger attachment is nice, the $450 seems a little on the stout side to me for that size of tractor. If you don't plan on doing any heavy work with it then it should do fine for you. If you are looking for something to do snow or dirt work with, then I would suggest looking for something bigger.

Others who have used this size of machine can chime in with their 2 cents worth as all I have ever used is the larger frame Simplicities and a Broadmoor 728, so I can not offer any real use comparison. A lot of times you can get a larger garden tractor like an earlier Landlord or Soverign for the same money and you can do much more with them.

Just my 2 cents worth and you know how much you can get for 2 cents today. :duh:
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$450 is a little steep. Especially being a 5 spd as opposed to a hydro. I have owned several 4211/4212 hydros and 5 spds. I actually like the 5 speed better, as I had my share of problems with the hydro pumps in these mowers. I would also be concerned with the age of the engine. I really like these mowers and they worked great for me, and as far as snow goes, I pushed a 42" Blade with very good success for many years. If you are interested in using a blade, then the 5 spd would be the way to go. The baggers work pretty well, only thing is they aren't the turbo model, so you have to use "high lift" blades. Which isn't a problem, your local Simplicity dealer would carry them, I didn't like to use the high lift blades when I wasn't bagging as it didn't disperse the clippings as evenly as the standard blade. If you had less than 1/2 acre to mow every week, I wouldn't be afraid to do it. I'd just be concerned with hours on that engine and the price. You could maybe do some comparison shopping on ebay. Good Luck
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I've been watching Simplicty ads for over 18 months now. $450 is too much. That's a 1-cylinder briggs in that machine....nothing special. And only a 36" deck. If you have any size to mow, look for a 5000 or 6000 series which usually has a 42" deck but may have a 48". The bigger models have more motor and are heavier all around. You can find them, perhaps needing some minor repair, at the same $450 or less.

If the 4211 is the right size for you, it better be pretty nice for $450. Remember that these are 20+ year-old machines and will inevitably need SOMETHING fixed soon. Be patient as they pop up all the time on C/L.
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Seller wanted full price, so I passed. Thanks.
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