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Side Meat

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One of my favorite foods as a kid was Fried Mush and Side Meat. Now days though, with the modern grocery stores with their precut and packaged meats, it's about impossible to find side meat. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Yes indeed I do. The meat we processed ourselves was always much better than store bought.
Nuttin like a Side Meat, mayo, mater, lettuce on fresh homemade bread. Dang!

We called it flank steak. Just had some fried mush yesterday With some good sorghum molasses. Don't get much better. Dad always said "what you eat they cant take away"
I used to be a butcher. Never heard it called "side meat". Learn something new every day.
Loved fresh side meat ( uncured ).
We called it flank steak.

What is labeled side meat around here is like a thick sliced bacon only a better, more meaty cut. And it's not smoked.
Was this pork, beef, lamb or other?
Go to a Spanish store and you will still find it... 5 stores in Hazleton Pa. still have is...
Thanks! I'll check on that.
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