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Sickle bar mower. Rpm ?

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So I have a sickle bar mower from a gravely and I'm wanting to use it with a different tractor and I'm trying to find out what the rpms need to be for it to work right. From what I've read on here most of the accessories are designed to run below 1200. Rpm
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I would run it no faster than 300 RPM.
I'm not sure about actual RPM, but Richard's right about running it slow.

This is an attachment which was designed to run from the old T-head engine. That thing will lug along at low RPM all day long. I run my sickle bar on various L models, in low speed, not much above idle. I would believe that translates into a PTO speed of around 300.
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Ok thanks. So we have an electronic tachometer at school to measure the rpms . I don't think the teacher would let me borrow it, is there any other options for checking the rpms on a output shaft so I could get the right size pulleys to get the 300 rpms
Harbor Freight sells one at a reasonable price. It works well once you get it working. Mine would not work right out of the box, but I found the problem was the batteries that come with it are to big in diameter, or the battery holder is too small. Anyway, if you get one and it doesn't work, make sure to slide the batteries by hand in the holder so they make contact at the ends of the batteries.
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Original literature for the sickle mower clearly state no faster than necessary to avoid the motor killing out. To ensure the wear tip and other parts don't take an early departure, try to keep it slow as possible.

Also so make sure you keep the slip clutch installed or install another slip device. Most tractor mounted mowers utilized a pitman stick that would break if it became jammed. Gravely used a slip clutch.. that is designed to be in oil along with the bearing just behind it. Just food for thought.
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