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Sickle bar mower refurbish

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So I got these 2 mowers a few weeks ago, my ad on Craigslist really payed off. I got the 2 mowers, The Custom, the ST12, a buncha mule drives and random Sears parts and 3 3 point hitches for $400.

Model # 842.260020
Serial # 86260 and 97522

Neither of them are in working order but both are complete. As you can see in the first 2 pictures, one of them is severely twisted and broken but it's actually in better shape as far as rust goes. So all it's good parts will be switched to the other one.

The shaft and mounting assembly is much better on the twisted one, so it will be switched along with the rest of the pulleys.

Everything is coming apart surprisingly easy. This pulley came off with minimal effort with a pulley puller.

Took the arm off that makes the knives go back and forth off to make sure its crankshaft isn't frozen. It's not.

I assumed the mule drive gearbox's would have oil in them since they have a drain plug, but they don't. The grease? is hardened into a brick. Are they suppose to have gear oil in them?
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Do you need any sickle sections? I have a Sears 913.253120 and I found some sickle sections that are brand new that fit right on. Also I found some rivets at a local company that are the right size for .15 each.
Heath have you done a valve adjustment on it?
jebals..... do you mean a 917. 253120? PM to you Henry
My computer monitored so now I'm figuring out how to work the forums phone app.

Jebals, all my knives are in good shape plus I have another parts sickle mower that has good knives so I'll pass but thanks.

Hugh, on the 16/6? Yea, several times.
81 - 84 of 84 Posts
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