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Sickle bar mower refurbish

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So I got these 2 mowers a few weeks ago, my ad on Craigslist really payed off. I got the 2 mowers, The Custom, the ST12, a buncha mule drives and random Sears parts and 3 3 point hitches for $400.

Model # 842.260020
Serial # 86260 and 97522

Neither of them are in working order but both are complete. As you can see in the first 2 pictures, one of them is severely twisted and broken but it's actually in better shape as far as rust goes. So all it's good parts will be switched to the other one.

The shaft and mounting assembly is much better on the twisted one, so it will be switched along with the rest of the pulleys.

Everything is coming apart surprisingly easy. This pulley came off with minimal effort with a pulley puller.

Took the arm off that makes the knives go back and forth off to make sure its crankshaft isn't frozen. It's not.

I assumed the mule drive gearbox's would have oil in them since they have a drain plug, but they don't. The grease? is hardened into a brick. Are they suppose to have gear oil in them?
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I'm sure you guys are thrilled that i'm the guinea pig! :sidelaugh

You got it el simonito, the part number is the actual length. But on the website, the belts are listed by their length. So I ordered a 25" 50" and 59" belts. But that's actually the outside length. The part number is the inside length.

WHY would they even mention the outside length? Outside length does not matter!! :banghead3:banghead3

So that B22k was supposed to be the B25k? And where do they get the 8" from? I just hate all the different measurement systems that have been developed for belts! It seems like every vendor has their own in addition to several more or less standardized systems!

So the new belt should say B25k or 5L280K, and so on and so forth for the other belts.

Good luck!
I think that's supposed to be 5/8", not 8" that belt width?
I hate it too! You are correct el simonito. Today I ordered B25K, B50K, and B59K. That better be right.

sploke, the spacing is too wide but it does say 5/8". the 5 and / right after PIX is part of 5/8".
I think that's supposed to be 5/8", not 8" that belt width?
I see it now. I'm just partially blind... And that is the belts width, or nearly the width.
The correct belts came today. Finally I can begin reassembly!
excellent! looking forward to seeing it running. Going to order belts myself today.
Thanks guys! Make sure to check your belt lengths, then check em again Speediet.
And how do they fit? I'm especially curious about the shortest belt, as the size I gave almost seems to be too long in my tractor. It could also be the mule drive I fabricated, but I'm not sure so I want to hear how some one else's goes!

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well my b25 will need to be replaced.....need a b24 or even a b23, good thing i have a good farm store nearby
It should be grease (high melting point grease) you can if you wish its been done before mix 50/50 gear oil and grease, but I would be careful now has its old you will find the the oil may well run out around the shaft.
Another great thread that i have missed.I will be following this one.:fing32:
I wish I could report more progress but i've run into a problem. I need a new starter for the SS18. I'd probably be about done with the whole project if it weren't for that. All these people parting out tractors and selling used parts but it seems like no one actually want to sell anything..........

I put the b50k on the mower itself and it seems to fit correctly but that's all i've done. I have to many projects going on.
Progress is being held because i'm still waiting on a starter and a couple other parts for the SS18. But i'm getting anxious to use the mower so I decided to put it on the 16/6 today, or should I say late afternoon after the rain quit. It has rained nearly everyday here since July 1st. Sunshine state my a**.

I ended up driving over it after realizing there's no way I could pull it under the tractor like a regular belly mower. I hooked up all 3 mounts but have a problem. What keeps the mower from dragging the ground when it's standing up?

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it looks like you have a shield missing, and I have a pair of springs attached to the shield support that support the entire assembly.
3rd pic doesn't really show it, but the chain attached just out of site. The mower sure bounces good on any sort of rough terrain.


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That's the pictures I needed, thanks. I have that shield with the springs. I pulled it out because it was in my way. Now it all makes sense! Thanks.
I used the mower today!!! I spent alot of time freeing the bar up, greased it up and got all the belts on. Like you said Speediet, the B25K was too long so I went to TSC but they don't have 5/8 belts that short. So I got a A24k (1/2"). It works but i'll probably find the correct belt.

As it was getting dark I fired up the 16/6 and drove to the tall grass. Now I know what you mean SD, it doesn't like to turn! The knives need to be sharpened and a belt is slipping somewhere. It ended up clogging with grass. I am happy with it though!

Eventually it will be put on the the SS18 permanently once it's finished.

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nice i wish i could find one but no luck for me i have some welded and mangled home made from something i am going to get started on this winter. lol now also a good reason to keep a gallon of old motor oil
Do you have any idea what is the weight of the Mower?:thThumbsU
Probably 2-300 pounds. It's heavy!
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