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Should I put money into this old Craftsman II?

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Its a 12hp, model#917.254643. Currently It runs, but won't cut anymore. Needs both spindles, and upon removing the deck to prepare to replace them i found that the deck has been repaired a couple places from rust damage. Also the motor needs a new flywheel (have one, just have to take the ring gear off the one on it and put on new one), and it also needs a new stator core. The Thing runs great and the frame and body aren't to bad. the rearend is in good working shape and it doesn't need any new belts just yet. So what do you guys think?

p.s., not sure if i'm even posting in the right section or not, if not then sorry. :praying:
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i would
Well, seems like you got almost the same problems as I just went thru, with a Craftsman II. But add to the list an engine leaking oil from the sump.
Spending yesterday and part of today, it's up and running for a grand total of $1.36 spent, not counting my time and effort.
The Craftsman II seems to have a good 'steel' frame to hold everything together. And in my area, (free) junkers are starting to pop up on CL, to use as spare parts.
I'd spend some money and patch the deck if you can. And be on the lookout for a replacement deck.
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