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Should I change the oil?

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I bought a used JD 950 Diesel about 6 months ago. The oil was last changed on February of 2008. The hours was also noted. Since the last oil change the tractor has 20 hours on it. However it has been over a year since the oil change. Should I change it or wait until it gets more hours? At how many hours or time should the oil be changed?

Thanks MTF for all the help you provide.

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It's completley up to you but I'd probably change it just for piece of mind. Then again you have good records as it's been done. If you have work pressing and need to get it done It'd be fine IMO to run it a bit too, before changing.
I would toss some new oil in it for the price of the stuff compaired to new bearings and such. I would hate to see condensation start doing ugly things to the expensive parts.
Yeah i'd deffinatly change it. The long stringy fragments that give oil it's nice lubey properties break down A) with heavy use within the engine, hence they advise a change every so many hours, and B) over time, it degrades naturally, which is why it's usually advised on any 4-stroke motor to change the oil every 12 months, regardless of the hours.
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Go ahead and throw me into the "change it" crowd as well. Yanmar engine parts are very expensive and why buy them if you don't have to?

Oil is "cheap," engines are expensive.
The first thing I do on a used piece of equipment is to lube it and change all fluids and filters.
The first thing I do on a used piece of equipment is to lube it and change all fluids and filters.

Maybe hoses too!
i know people have said it already. but id do it just to be safe.
Eaven with low hours I change the oil in my stuff at least once a year. So ya... defently change that out.
Thanks everyone. It's getting changed. I know you guys are the tractor pros and I trust your advice.
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