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Should I buy this Bolens?

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I have an opportunity to purchase a 1991 GT1800 tractor with 48" deck and 54" snow blade. The tractor has 1100 hours on it and is in excellant shape. The only known problem is that the U-joint that connects the PTO shaft to the mower deck is broken. The "quick connect" collar is gone. Owner is asking $300....seems like a good deal providing I can get the U-joint fixed.

What will it take to replace/repair this U-joint? Can they still be bought?

Are there any known/common problems with this model?

What does "Duratrac" mean?
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If you haven't gotten the joint yet check with a clutch and joint shop as they should be able to check it and match it there are 2 close to me and they both do a good job so you might be able to get one from them alot cheaper it was 14.00 dollrs for the joint for the drive shaft on my 1476
Good idea, I've heard of other folks finding ujoints at the local auto parts shop that actually fit their tractors and saved a ton of $$.
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