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Should I buy this Bolens?

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I have an opportunity to purchase a 1991 GT1800 tractor with 48" deck and 54" snow blade. The tractor has 1100 hours on it and is in excellant shape. The only known problem is that the U-joint that connects the PTO shaft to the mower deck is broken. The "quick connect" collar is gone. Owner is asking $300....seems like a good deal providing I can get the U-joint fixed.

What will it take to replace/repair this U-joint? Can they still be bought?

Are there any known/common problems with this model?

What does "Duratrac" mean?
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If everything is straight and it doesn't smoke, these are desirable tractors because of the power steering option. I have seen them with fel's too. If the price is right to you, I think this is a good price.
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