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should have asked sooner

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I'm not sure what fluids to put where in my 5665. Crank case, I've been using thirty weight. The other dipstick, which I assume is the transmission, what goes there, and how often should whatever it is be changed? Other than those two, and grease fittings, should I be filling anything else other than the gas tank?
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30w is fine for the transmission. There was just a big discussion about transmission oils on the Yahoo group. Gravely recomended multi weights at one time, but oil formulas have changed over the years and most multis will not hold up to the shear forces that gear have. Someone recomended using an oil rated for motorcycles. They can handle the shear forces.
What ever you do, don't use a gear oil that contains sulphur. Nor should you use any oils with friction modifiers. Plain old 30wt is what I use.
thanks guys
what a wealth of knowledge is here.
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