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Shopping for lawn tractor

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Hello all,

I found this forum while doing online research for a new lawn tractor. I was THIS close to buying a SCUT (Mahindra or Kubota) then wondered if $16K was worth it for something I might only really need 2-3 times a year. I have a 5 acre property that is mostly wooded. I'm shopping for a heavy-duty lawn tractor that will do the mowing plus allow me to add some attachments that would come in really handy: snow blower, drag, hauling firewood. I hope to learn a lot from everyone.

All the best,
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Welcome to MTF, Mike! we're glad you found us. You may want to post in the "Backyard Round Table" forum located in the "Lawn, and Garden Tractor section. For starters, I think you would be looking for garden tractor ideas versus lawn tractor ideas, given the tasks you have in mind.

Enjoy the forums!:MTF_wel2:
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If you have 5 acres, I don't think you would regret a SCUT, it will face up to whatever job you give it, and with a rear PTO and 3 Point hitch there are a lot of useful attachments for property like that, especially with fire can get a grapple to move it around, splitter to process it, post hole auger if you decide to fence it in,back hoe attachment...I only have a quarter acre, but I am living vicariously through you just thinking of the possibilities
But I would really shop it around and check Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Simplicity and of course John Deere...and ask if the dealers are expecting special sales come the Spring
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