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shock and awe

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Hello Guys and Gals,

I just bought a 10525.

I've been through multiple carbs in my day, and have found awful float bowls before, but I've NEVER come across this. The needle is molded into the seat. I didn't think this poor boy would ever run after all the crud I found in the carb. The fuel line is still completely plugged. I tried using a long air filter screw off a briggs classic to unplug the fuel line and whatever is in there won't budge.

I'm happy to report I replaced the needle and seat and THOROUGHLY cleaned the carb and the old boy runs pretty good. There is a slight surge but given all the junk in the carb I was happy he started on the second pull...

The needle will NOT let go of the seat no matter what.
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I wonder if that was a victim of ethanol left in the mowers system? I've heard it eats the fuel lines and such from the inside out....I'm gonna guess yes.

Either way, nice score.:fing32:
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