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shock and awe

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Hello Guys and Gals,

I just bought a 10525.

I've been through multiple carbs in my day, and have found awful float bowls before, but I've NEVER come across this. The needle is molded into the seat. I didn't think this poor boy would ever run after all the crud I found in the carb. The fuel line is still completely plugged. I tried using a long air filter screw off a briggs classic to unplug the fuel line and whatever is in there won't budge.

I'm happy to report I replaced the needle and seat and THOROUGHLY cleaned the carb and the old boy runs pretty good. There is a slight surge but given all the junk in the carb I was happy he started on the second pull...

The needle will NOT let go of the seat no matter what.
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I had a duraforce that had the needle stuck in the jet like that, machine was sitting outside for awhile and the gas(or whatever it was in the tank) looked like throw up. LOL These machines can take alot of abuse!
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