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She's left the "Blue Oval" fold

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After getting the repair diagno$i$ on her 98 Expedition the S.O. went out and traded it in on a "Bowtie" (shudder). We now have a 2004 Chevy Silverado, 2500HD, extended cab, long bed, 4x4, factory 2" lift (which I have mentally named RMS Titanic). As I am a Blue Oval guy from way back can anyone enlighten/warn/counsel me on this truck and it's traits? We're already getting the instrument cluster replaced for free by the Chevy dealer and the transfer case has a 2 year warranty on it. I know it should have no problem towing her steel horse trailer. I've already had to install cab steps (she's 5'1") and will need to replace the junk AM/FM/CD player (it still has a stuck CD from the prior owner). Any input is welcome.
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I have a 99 extended cab which is still in the same body line and it has been a great truck. It has 130,000 miles on it with only routine maintenance required. Never had a major problem.
just wear your seatbelt. Those chevys are cheap put up and their isnt much between you and that big V8 motor.
Did you file for a divorce yet?:sidelaugh:sidelaugh:sorry1: Just kidding.
the big problem i have with Chevys, and i a bow tie man up until my current dodge, is the steering. it will click and pop like crazy. you cna fix it and 6 months later it will do it again.
Go back about 20 years if you want a good truck. I love my 83 Dodge. D 250 3/4 T. I have had several '81-93s, a 90 Dakota (shoulda kept that one instead of selling it to my brother in law to rip/tear up) went to a 97 Ram 1500 4WD and gladly back to my 83; put a 4 BBL on the 318 in place of the 2 BBL; stock 360 cam; headers duals Performer intake and I love it!!!!! solid body rock solid dependable and easy to maintain; I can still climb in the eng compartment; if I change anything about it; it would be recharge the AC (I do have a stash of R 12) next swap the auto out for an OD 5 speed manual; if I manage to wear out the 318 screw the 360s; either stroke the 318 to a 390 or find a BB for it. but that 318's running too well now to mess with (I may swap one of my TQ carbs on instead of the Carter AFB on it now)
my buddy has an 83 chevy 2500; 350 great truck other than the flat cam (of which I will be the one to fix) and NO PAYMENTS!!!!! Use up whats out there --# 1 rule of "recycling" get the max use out before scrapping out!!!!!
and these trucks have something on them that is foreign to the new ones REAL STEEL; means less plastic!!!!
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i have a 01 silverado bought new no problems yet been a good truck
if ya want a dern good ole truck get a 1985 GMC sierra classic 1500 4x4, i have one and shes tough as nails and will take on anything i throw at her, plus it will climb the side of mt. everest if i wanted to ha ha
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