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Shermann Aluminim Head

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just letting everybody know that their is a shermann aluminum head for sale on ebay right now. i tried bidding but kept getting outbid. heres a link
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This appears to be, from the bolt holes for the oil filter, made for the 9n/2n and early front dizzy 8n. Sure it will bolt to the later style side dizzy 8n block but you will have to relocate the oil filter holes so that it clears the generator when it moved from one side to the other. Here is an aftermaket head that will show the different location. Just something to keep in mind when buying parts.

I missed out on some about five years ago. They were at a swap meet mixed in with some auto/truck parts. A friend of a friend picked them up (2) for $10. each. I was about 15 minutes late on getting there. (pays to go early). My friend has been trying to buy one of them since that time. Finally he convinced him to sell one for $75 dollars a couple of months ago. I have seen them sell for a much as $500. back in the day but in this economy I doubt if it will sell for more than $250 unless someone really, really has to have it.

Yup, higher compression.


1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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