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Shermann Aluminim Head

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just letting everybody know that their is a shermann aluminum head for sale on ebay right now. i tried bidding but kept getting outbid. heres a link
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Re: Shermann Aluminum Head

My question to the ??????(not too many brains) that buys this. "Are you going to paint it red or leave it as aluminum color?" If you paint it, there will be no difference than the old original design, except the person will claim he has a "rare" engine head, and who cares. If e wants something shiny on the engine, take the head he has now and have it chromed. What one would pay for this on ebay, the chrome shop will do it for much less.

Wonder why the seller wants to get "rid" of the rare dude. Probably all due to the fact it want mate to the engine block due to it being aluminum and that never did work very well and leaked.
Hahaha you must really know what you're talking about this.

This is obvious, seems more like a scam.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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