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So are all 4 of my snowfighters (Sears Suburbans)--along with my 2 plow trucks..but I dont feel bad,they deserved a long nap after getting enough snow last winter to equal two "normal" winters here....

I have had a few "tent garages" and they all got crushed by deep snow or trees that fell on them...those conduit pipes aren't very rugged!...if your dilligent about keeping the snow off them and add a second tarp as suggested,they'll hold up for about 5 years,then the tarps will need replacing ....

For what money and labor I wasted on the tent garages,I could have built a real shed from wood or cinder blocks though...some towns here wont let you have them any more,or wont allow them to be used year round,being "temporary"...and one town wont let you enclose more than 3 sides of one,after some people got badly burned when they decided to use a gas grill under one when it started raining,and it went up like a roman candle....
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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