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shelter-logic storage hut?

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looking at tractor supply and they have a shelter logic 12x20 green shed for 300 bucks.surely a lot of people in this forum have these things. so you know,i'm in southeast ct. we don't usually get a lot of snow,but when we do it's usually the wet heavy stuff.opinions?
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I came across another CT resident on a different forum that had one of their heavy duty units and couldn't say enough great things about it (including how well it help up under 2010-2011 snowfall, and they didn't clear the snow off of it). The problem with it, for me, is that the cost is an order of magnitude higher than the stuff you find in TSC or other places. I just commit $2,000 to $3,000 to a "tent" when I could build a shed for that.

The biggest issues she had with it were frogs getting inside, generally being damp, and having to surround it with moth balls to try and keep things like mice and such out. For me, I'm not going to spend $300 to protect a $24,000 machine. I'm going to build an enclosed building that will keep rodents out (and keep all of my precious hydraulic lines from being chewed).

Besides - with a big shed, I can also put the three snowmobiles in there, the pool pump, ladder, the log splitter, the weed whacker, hand tools, and the STX-38 I'll be refurbishing.
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