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shelter-logic storage hut?

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looking at tractor supply and they have a shelter logic 12x20 green shed for 300 bucks.surely a lot of people in this forum have these things. so you know,i'm in southeast ct. we don't usually get a lot of snow,but when we do it's usually the wet heavy stuff.opinions?
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I had the 12x20 for almost 4 years and it held up good, like Sasky said just keep the snow off it and anchor it down good.
I made a 2x6 frame and fastened mine down to that with four pieces of rebar about 2 feet long through the 2x6 and driven in the ground on each side. It all held up until we had a hurricane and it kind of mangled it :) I now have another, I got mine on sale for $150.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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