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shelter-logic storage hut?

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looking at tractor supply and they have a shelter logic 12x20 green shed for 300 bucks.surely a lot of people in this forum have these things. so you know,i'm in southeast ct. we don't usually get a lot of snow,but when we do it's usually the wet heavy stuff.opinions?
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AS Tractor-Holic said "For what money and labor I wasted on the tent garages,I could have built a real shed from wood or cinder blocks though...some towns here wont let you have them any more,or wont allow them to be used year round,being "temporary"[/QUOTE]

Some of the "temporary shelters" come with included snow trusses, just some metal cross bracing to keep it from spreading under the weight. That does help, I have had two of them and the "roof" wore out before anything else did, about four years cause they get brittle sitting out in the sun and rip. ( As [email protected] said, cover w/ a cheap tarp) I get them in Sam's Club.
The only problem with building a shed, is that, at least here NY, you need a building permit for anything over 120 square feet. That's why temps are so popular. Because they are "movable and can be easily taken down" the building permit doesn't apply. At least not yet.
Here in NY it's only a matter of time before they add a fee for them too. NY lives by the rule, if we can tax, regulate or just plain stick our nose in your business, and make money off it, WE WILL.

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