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I have a silver colored one a 12 x 20 x8 one with a peaked top. Snow will kill the cross bars at the peak. We had a heavy wet snow storm and that bent the pipes at the joints, I used a 2 by 4 to straighten it and support it until I could repair the damage, I used vise grips to rotate the pipe so bent part of pipes was facing up then used angle iron 4 foot long pieces under that joint to stiffen it up used hose clamps to hold the angle iron in place.

You'd be surprised how strong hose clamps are, buy good ones not cheap ones just make sure to keep the band part facing up so it won't wear a hole in the fabric. I would use the angle iron on a new shelter-logic instant garage, just for safety sake, that very weak spot. That should prevent those pipes from bending.

I have had snow on its roof since and they held it up fine, just brush the snow off or lift the fabric from the under side with a push broom, let the snow slide of, that will help tighten the roof with it laying against the sides of the shealter

I have a old Cover It a round top and its been up over 20 years but needs a new a new cover but it way much better then the cheaply made shelter-logic instant garage. The green shelter-logic seem to last longer then the ones made with the silver fabric. My nephew has a green one and it the same age as mine and looks in much better shape then mine does. So buy the green one if you have to get a shelter-logic.

Here's a link to a much better made instant garage they are out of Canada, one of the best made cover, the door is super strong no zipper to get beaten to death by the winds constant working back forth or that sudden guest that stresses the teeth until they give out. I was quoted a price of over $750.00 including shipping.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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