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shelter-logic storage hut?

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looking at tractor supply and they have a shelter logic 12x20 green shed for 300 bucks.surely a lot of people in this forum have these things. so you know,i'm in southeast ct. we don't usually get a lot of snow,but when we do it's usually the wet heavy stuff.opinions?
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Make sure you keep the snow cleaned off, I have had two one the wind took
it and the other one collapsed from wet snow. If you check them after a snowfall you should have no problem. Also make sure you anchor them properly.
I had the 12x20 for almost 4 years and it held up good, like Sasky said just keep the snow off it and anchor it down good.
I made a 2x6 frame and fastened mine down to that with four pieces of rebar about 2 feet long through the 2x6 and driven in the ground on each side. It all held up until we had a hurricane and it kind of mangled it :) I now have another, I got mine on sale for $150.
Besides the above I would add, cover it with a cheap tarp to keep the sun off the "good" materiel, and it will last a lot longer. I have two of them, the 10x24 was in full sun and only lasted about 5 years, a 10x20 in full shade but under pine trees is still like new under the sacrificial tarp that I put over it due to pine sap.
What is this "snow" that you speak so fondly of? I'm in Waterford, CT and we haven't had didly squat for snow this year. My poor Cub is sitting in the shed, lonely and feeling unloved. :dunno:
So are all 4 of my snowfighters (Sears Suburbans)--along with my 2 plow trucks..but I dont feel bad,they deserved a long nap after getting enough snow last winter to equal two "normal" winters here....

I have had a few "tent garages" and they all got crushed by deep snow or trees that fell on them...those conduit pipes aren't very rugged!...if your dilligent about keeping the snow off them and add a second tarp as suggested,they'll hold up for about 5 years,then the tarps will need replacing ....

For what money and labor I wasted on the tent garages,I could have built a real shed from wood or cinder blocks though...some towns here wont let you have them any more,or wont allow them to be used year round,being "temporary"...and one town wont let you enclose more than 3 sides of one,after some people got badly burned when they decided to use a gas grill under one when it started raining,and it went up like a roman candle....
AS Tractor-Holic said "For what money and labor I wasted on the tent garages,I could have built a real shed from wood or cinder blocks though...some towns here wont let you have them any more,or wont allow them to be used year round,being "temporary"[/QUOTE]

Some of the "temporary shelters" come with included snow trusses, just some metal cross bracing to keep it from spreading under the weight. That does help, I have had two of them and the "roof" wore out before anything else did, about four years cause they get brittle sitting out in the sun and rip. ( As [email protected] said, cover w/ a cheap tarp) I get them in Sam's Club.
The only problem with building a shed, is that, at least here NY, you need a building permit for anything over 120 square feet. That's why temps are so popular. Because they are "movable and can be easily taken down" the building permit doesn't apply. At least not yet.
Here in NY it's only a matter of time before they add a fee for them too. NY lives by the rule, if we can tax, regulate or just plain stick our nose in your business, and make money off it, WE WILL.

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Mine lasted a couple of years,but the storms that came through here this week finished it off,actually I'm quite impressed that it held up as good as it did.It has endured some rather strong wind storms that we've had over the last year or so.I've actually seen the wind pick it up stretching the anchor cables for all they had!

Yes the purchase price could have gone to building a solid structure,but then again I was between a rock and a hard place for storage space,we had it up in a day, and no way could I have rented a storage unit that size for what it cost.

Will I buy another? I've not decided yet but I'm not ruling it out,right now I'm looking into my options for reskinning it.If you live in an area that doesn't get a lot of gusty winds I wouldn't hesitate to buy one.
I'm in NW CT.The snow collapsed my first one so I learned from experience. The weight of the snow bends the posts that run along the top center at the joints so now I run two 2x6 beams from the ground up and secure them under each joint I made it through the 18" of heavy wet snow from the October snowstorm without a problem except for the branch that came down like an arrow and made a hole right through it.Now a tarp sits over the top but it is holding out fine.
Here is the thread on my Shelter Logic tarp tent, with pictures.

The sun is a killer to the material of these. Sacrificial tarp is a good solution. My solution to repair the big hole in mine with an old billboard tarp has had no problems so far. Comments, details and pictures in the above link.
I came across another CT resident on a different forum that had one of their heavy duty units and couldn't say enough great things about it (including how well it help up under 2010-2011 snowfall, and they didn't clear the snow off of it). The problem with it, for me, is that the cost is an order of magnitude higher than the stuff you find in TSC or other places. I just commit $2,000 to $3,000 to a "tent" when I could build a shed for that.

The biggest issues she had with it were frogs getting inside, generally being damp, and having to surround it with moth balls to try and keep things like mice and such out. For me, I'm not going to spend $300 to protect a $24,000 machine. I'm going to build an enclosed building that will keep rodents out (and keep all of my precious hydraulic lines from being chewed).

Besides - with a big shed, I can also put the three snowmobiles in there, the pool pump, ladder, the log splitter, the weed whacker, hand tools, and the STX-38 I'll be refurbishing.
I have a silver colored one a 12 x 20 x8 one with a peaked top. Snow will kill the cross bars at the peak. We had a heavy wet snow storm and that bent the pipes at the joints, I used a 2 by 4 to straighten it and support it until I could repair the damage, I used vise grips to rotate the pipe so bent part of pipes was facing up then used angle iron 4 foot long pieces under that joint to stiffen it up used hose clamps to hold the angle iron in place.

You'd be surprised how strong hose clamps are, buy good ones not cheap ones just make sure to keep the band part facing up so it won't wear a hole in the fabric. I would use the angle iron on a new shelter-logic instant garage, just for safety sake, that very weak spot. That should prevent those pipes from bending.

I have had snow on its roof since and they held it up fine, just brush the snow off or lift the fabric from the under side with a push broom, let the snow slide of, that will help tighten the roof with it laying against the sides of the shealter

I have a old Cover It a round top and its been up over 20 years but needs a new a new cover but it way much better then the cheaply made shelter-logic instant garage. The green shelter-logic seem to last longer then the ones made with the silver fabric. My nephew has a green one and it the same age as mine and looks in much better shape then mine does. So buy the green one if you have to get a shelter-logic.

Here's a link to a much better made instant garage they are out of Canada, one of the best made cover, the door is super strong no zipper to get beaten to death by the winds constant working back forth or that sudden guest that stresses the teeth until they give out. I was quoted a price of over $750.00 including shipping.
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