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Okay, so of course, when I have a question, it usually involves somebody breaking my stuff. In the last seven days, I have had two pumps returned to me trashed. One was an idiot with hay straps in his truck who torked down the cargo strap so hard that it torked the cage into the gas tank. The other was a brand new 5hp pump with twenty minutes on it, that our lovable warehouse manager dropped out of his truck smashing the plate on the outlet.

I need a CAGE that can withstand idiots. I was merely going to take some 3/4 inch rigid wall conduit and weld two bars across the top, but now I have to fabricate two whole cages, since droppy over there tore up the new one.

It also needs to remain a one man carry, provide access to controls, starting and gas, and accomodate 2" ins and outs.

these are 5hp honda pumps with maruyama heads.

Thus far, I have considered:

hollow 5/8th square stock with 1/8 inch angle braces.
3/4" hard walled conduit
duct taping it to the warehouse manager.

Any of you guys ever beef up or rebuild a generator or pump cage?
Got pictures?

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I'd vy for the "Duct tape to the Manager", that might work!

Sch 40 3/4" pipe. Bend then weld the ends, if you like put a cross pipe in anywhere you like, even the bottom where some small wheels could help carry.

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You enclosure needs to be a piece of American Tourister Luggage ...:rolleyes:

In all actuality, there is little you can do...because someone will come up with the "BIGGER HAMMER" to your NEW ENCLOSURE...:(
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