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Serious snow in Cordova, Alaska

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Here's a link, for those of you whose snow gear is sitting in sunny and dry temperatures...

I understand they got so much, so fast, that it collapsed roofs and caused a general lot of damage.
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I would expect to see a fleet of GT's there with snowblowers and didn't see anything but a walkbehind!
If I have read the reports correctly, they got EIGHTEEN FEET of snow of the same kind that our lower elevations often get here. A big bunch of wet snow, followed by rain. So now it's not only wet, heavy stuff, but it's wetter and heavier because of the rain! Only way to deal with that kind of stuff is with a loader.

Think I saw a Ford something-or-other in the video, along with a big yellow one. But, gee whiz, only one tractor like that in town...?
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I guess this is where all of our normal rainfall went. We had record low precip. for Dec. here in WA. Looks like the jet stream took it all to the north.
Some more photos and videos at the links below:

I saw one photo of the kids still going to school. :fing32:

Just imagine what that kind of accumulation would do to most of us in the lower 48. The only ones down here even close to having enough equipment to handle that would be those around the great lakes.
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