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It's treated me well, but it's time to sell my 2001 7020L with 139 hours and a quick dissconect bucket. It also has a hydraulic port on the front near the bucket and on the rear to run the tiller.

This messege board has been super helpful, so I figured I'd give you all first crack at it. It has a brand new Hilliard front end too!

It comes with the following:

Case Rototiller
Case Woodsplitter
2 sleeve hitch adapters
Small log Grapple

I would like to get $8500 for everything, and I really don't want to sell anything seperate.

I've got some pictures on the board already, but if you want to see anything specific email and we can chat. After a week or so I'll toss this up on cl and uncle henry's.

I'd also be interested in a trade for something with a regular PTO 3ph and 4X4.

Thanks again for all the help.
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