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In October of 2017 I bought a Seizmik Soft Cab for my 1025R from a excellent distributor Called ACME outdoor I paid $1,269.00 Free shipping It came with a free electric Heater.

So assembly
Seizmik claimed it was about a 1hr & 30minute assembly time. It actually took me 4hrs to assemble

Things that I found wrong with the Cab!

You have to remove You SMV Placard Bracket from your R.O.P.S..

You also have to remove your tool box

You have to take your R.O.P.S. light off.

This Cab is designed only to be used with standard R.O.P.S. Light Well I have the extra OEM LED Light Kit on my 1025R.

Well Putting in the Fabric Cover in the Rear It goes on both sides of the R.O.P.S.(before install fabric rear cover they want you to install Velcro to the R.O.P.S. frame) After You have attached the Fabric cover Which does have a pre cut for the R.O.P.S. lights assembly wiring harness You have to poke several holes through the fabric to bolt your lights back on. Well in my case I had to poke more than four holes through the fabric because I have a LED light set up. This actually took more time than it should have. But once you do that the rest of the set up is not bad. You also have to bolt a section of the rear Fabric cover behind you seat using existing bolts .Once you have the fabric over the R.O.P.S. frame You further have to put Velcro on your fenders. Because the rear R.O.P.S. fabric section Velcro’s to the fenders. You also have to run Velcro down the right side of the fender and right side of the fender deck. Because You don’t have a right side door Next they want you to put On the Roof which again you need to poke holes in the Fabric 4 holes to be exact again took a little more time than it should of. You use 4 plastic knobs with plastic wind nuts to secure the roof down . After the roof is in place they want you to work on the left side of the Door Jamb which does not go on as easy as the want you to think because there diagram for assembling the cab frame was not the best to begin with so when assembling the frame make sure you put left side front post in right with the post with two tiny holes facing in towards door opening which I did do right. Then they want you to place the door on. Finally they want you to do the door handle assembly the direction are not very clear if you follow them verbatim you handle will not work and your door latch will not function. Finally they want you to assembly the windshield and Put the wiper on the windshield then mount the windshield which again mounts 6 Plastic knobs Instruction say 7 but there are only holes for 6.

What I found troubling with the design after using it these last 4 almost 5 months
The windshield FROSTS up not just fogging it FROSTS especially if you get snow blow back onto the windshield from you snow blower or the wind catches the snow just right. Well the placement of there wiper leave a large blind spot on the left side of the windshield you clearly cannot make out the left side of your blower or blade. They have a vent in the middle of the windshield which also interferes with your field of vision and Found that the design of the vent does not really help with clearing the fogging of your windshield like Seizmik says they intended it to do. Because of the frosting issue I have to constantly get out of the cab and scrape the windshield..

I own another Brand of Cab made by Original Tractor Cab which I have owned for the last 14 years the issues I have experience with the Seizmik Cab I have never experienced with the Original Tractor Cab in 14 years of ownership. The Glass windshield has never frosted Up and the wiper clears you field vision enough to see both the right and left side of the Front of the Tractor.

I went with the Seizmik Cab in the first place because of ACME’s claim that it was a faster set up than say the Original Tractor Cab Which was Proved wrong by hour 2 of set up.
Thing I find that I think Seizmik needs to improve . They need to design the Cab so it does not have to go on both sides of the R.O.P.S. I think they need to Look at the competitors cab Original Tractor Cab and see How they keep there Cab from requiring you not to have to remove your Tool box, You SMV placard sign Frame or Your R.O.P.S. lights . I think they need to add a right side Door as well like Original Tractor Cab does. I think they also need to offer a Glass windshield as a option like Original Tractor Cab does,. I find that had I gone with a Original Tractor Cab in the first Place I would have been Better off. But I thought I was getting a cab that would be faster to remove and set up than a Original Tractor Cab. I realize now the Original Tractor Cab may take a Longer Time to assembly initially but One You have it assembled the first time It fairly easy to take off. You can even leave that almost completely assembled and lift it off with a hoist like many people have done on there Deere X400 thru X700 signature series or X300 & X500 select series. This is something You Can not do with the Seizmik Soft Cab.

Now when I received the Cab from ACME they Told me Seizmik put the wrong wiper and did not Put the Velcro in the Cab Box. Which Seizmik did Make right by sending it a day later after the Cab arrived

Thing that I do not like about the Seizmik Cab The fact That You have to remove almost all the standard R.O.P.S. equipment Deere puts on. Also the Fact the Cab connects On both sides of the R.O.P.S. . I also don’t like the Fact that the wiper does not clear the windshield enough for your front field of vision. I also further don’t Like there is not glass windshield option and Only a left side door. One final thing I do not like is the floor extensions Seizmik makes for Putting under your brake Pedal and your Forward and reverse pedal. Because while it doesn’t interfere with anything under the brake Pedal .The floor extension on right side under your forward & reverse Pedal does make it a lot harder to connect your Hydraulic hoses.

Things that I do like about the Cab.

I like the left Door Placement because it’s a suicide Door opening

I also Like that they do give you more Room in the front of the Cab compared to Original Tractor Cab

But this cab to me has to many downsides

So In my Opinion I would NOT RECOMMEND this cab to my fellow MTF members or any other Tractor forum I belong to.

Soft Cabs that I would recommend as a alternative to the Seizmik soft Cab

Original Tractor Cab

Custom Built to Order Cabs sold By ACME or the Tractor Cab depot

Bercomac Compact tractor Cabs

Or another Option

Hard Cabs for Your John Deere 1 series Such as

Deere’s OEM Cab Made By Mauser (which is not Backhoe Compatible)

Curtis Cabs (backhoe Compatible)

Tektite Cabs (backhoe Compatible)

Keep In Mind Original Tractor Cab, Curtis & Tektite already Have Cab out or are working on Cabs for Deere New Forward Positioned R.O.P.S. on the John Deere 1 series or John Deere 2025R


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