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At the store the other day I saw some radishes sold in seed tape. I've bought them before and worked very well. It was $6 per package, probably about 1/3 the seeds you get for the normal $2 packet. Got me to thinking. I came home and made my own seed tapes for radishes. Could use it for any seed, but the nice part is the smaller the seed the more helpful the seed tape makes the job. There is no doubt that this will take a bit longer than just making a row in the garden and dropping the see in but you can space better, placing the seeds correctly in the tape much easier on the kitchen counter than in the garden, etc. Not only that, but while it's still too early to get out in the garden and do any work you can actually get a little horticulture activity in and get prepared for the time to plant when it does arrive!

Lay out a length of toilet paper, about 3' or so long. Make up a flour-water paste mixture. Don't really want it runny, but not like cement. About like Elmer's Glue (which you could probably use as well). I made mine thin enough to put into a turkey baster syringe. Run a line of your flour paste mix along the TP, about 1/3 of the width in from the side. Do the same on the other side as well. Drop the seeds into the paste line. (This paste line not only holds the seeds and seals the tape but will weaken the line where you want to make your folds.) Then, fold the outside edge closest to the seeds and fold it over right on the line of the seeds. Then, fold the other side over to create a tape that is 1/3 the width of the original TP. One thing to remember, you MUST get the job inspected when finished to make sure you didn't miss any steps or leave any seeds loose on the counter. Having the job inspected before finishing can really be detrimental to the quality of the final results, especially if the inspector feels you are in dire need of assistance when dropping those little round seeds onto the TP. Second thoughts on the inspection step would be warranted if you were using this method to start a new bed of Catnip.....

You could probably use any type of paste/adhesive to hold to seeds in, from flour paste, Elmer's Glue, regular school paste (if they make that anymore), glue stick, etc. Just has to be water soluble. I took the seed tapes I made and hung it up for an hour or so just to let it dry before rolling it up to store.

You could make the tapes as long as you want, but 2-3 feet seems to be a manageable length. May want to store them in sandwich baggies, and label the bags so you know what you have in there. When the time to plant comes, make your row and put the tapes in there, mist heavily to drench the TP, and let nature take it's course. Not certain if it would help or not, but you could probably put some seed starter fertilizer in the tape as well, just to give a boost to the new plants.


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