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Seed-easy seeder

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Father-in-law is doing a little "cleaning" after his heart attack and trying to free up some room. This is one of the things he wants to get rid of since it's one of the larger items. Obviously its dirty and dusty but is solid, with only a little rust at the bottom of the hopper around the auger.
The rest is quite solid, paint is good. This is a beefy unit. Tires look great and he can't remember when the last time was he put air in them, but it's still there. I can't find hardly anything on this model but it looks like current ones are in the $7-900 range.
Here are a few lousy cell pics(didnt have my real camera handy with me) and it's fresh out of the dusty corner of the shed, it'll clean up pretty good I think.
Rough guesses on a starting point?

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nobody? Scrap price time? strap car seats in it and do wagon rides?
Maybe $100 in my opinion. I am not much up on or care for drop spreaders so I am just taking a wild guess. Sorry....:dunno:
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