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Sears twin 18

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Hi guys i have a sears about 1979 or 80 twin 18 that i am wanting to make a puller out of. What are these engines RPM and how hard is it to get it up close
to 4000 RPM? Paul
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the guy running the p220 also had to go to a smaller engine pulley

If Dale would just junk that Onan, he could run a stock third or faster like the rest of us with Kohlers LOL
the only problem with changing the rear end pulley on these sears tractors, is that the shaft is ur kinda limited personally just drop the engine pulley down, OR better yet, make it bigger and get down into the low range of the tranny where the gears are a little closer...that way u have more gear choices..
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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