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Sears twin 18

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Hi guys i have a sears about 1979 or 80 twin 18 that i am wanting to make a puller out of. What are these engines RPM and how hard is it to get it up close
to 4000 RPM? Paul
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They are governed to 3600 I believe. Honestly, I have never need more from my Onans, and the BG/MS that is in the SS18 is an absolute power house. I think you would be fine with 3600 but thats just me.
Heres an idea, lets say you have a 3" drive pulley (not sure what it is for sure) bump it up 1/2"-1" then run the gov. to 4k. then you get the same speed as stock, but higher rpms
Oh yeah.. smaller on the engine! My bad.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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