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Sears Suburban 3 point to sleve Adaper (photo)

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I picked this up the other day with some other goodies. Lower hitch arms are shorter and came with the adapter new.

Thought you all might like to see it. Also a big 10in heavy duty kick plow. I might sell the plow, have to many.

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I'd like to have that rake too! a zillion branches and pine cones and needles in the woods behind my back yard I'd love to clean up,but I'm too lazy to do it by hand,it would take weeks!..

I may make a rake similar to that ,like one a member here made not long ago,make it out of a peice of square tubing that street signs are mounted on I have,that has holes punched every inch the entire length of it,and landscape timber spikes fit perfect in them!--all I need to do is bolt a peice of 1"x1/4" flat stock over the heads of the spikes to hold them in,and allow for quick removal should one get bent,etc..
I have the 3 point hitch already,and could make the peice the rake attaches to the hitch with out of pipe,have plenty of that kicking around ..

Small Fry,what kind of tires are those?..never seen tread quite like those,similar,but not exactly!..look like they will give good grip!..
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