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I posted awhile back that I had picked up a suburban and was looking forward to getting it running. Finally got there. Ol' Yellowstain is up and running. Rehabbed the fuel system stem to stern. Got a carb kit, governor spring and fuel pump from Boomer. The engine seems great, all the gears work, brake and clutch are good.

The engine is an Onan twin bf/ms2379c.

However, the throttle on the carb wants to wander. At first, the throttle rod didn't want to rest on the idle stop. I moved the governor spring out one more hole away from the carb and it fixed that issue. But I still have the issue of the throttle wandering when I throttle up.

I'm going to order another high speed adjustment needle.
The carb has a foam type float in it.

I did notice that the long 2 piece intake manifold had been apart since it shows black RTV on the mating surfaces.

So, do I have a wore out throttle shaft, leaking intake manifold, bad carb float, bad high speed needle valve, or what?

I've also been looking for a front dozer blade, but have struck out. Found plenty out in the farm belt (I'm in sunny Arizona), but shipping is four hundred or more bucks.

Any of you suburban oficianados out there know what I might do to solve the problem?

How'd that wheel horse get in there?


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the wandering at high throttle is a fuel issue- probably too lean on the high idle.

replace that foam float! They will over time (sometimes very short time) absorb the water that comes with Ethanol based gas and swell up then not work.

Also, you can't run E85 in these.
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