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Sears GT 18 Tractor

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Whats a Sears GT 18 tractor worth running good? No deck it has a loader on it now and if I buy it I have other plans for the loader.I also have a 3pt and Sears equipment too for additional $$ if that'd help the sale of the tractor.
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No pictures and I'd just like to get an estimate on the tractor only the fellow who I know
said the sheet metal is straight and it runs and operates good.Probably end up parting
it out for the wheels,tires and Onan engine but thought if I could come out I'd try to sell it whole.
GT/18 with an Onan? Probably about 1300-1500 depending on condition of the tractor and loader.
Not with the loader just the tractor as I'm using the loader on another tractor
I paid $400 for the Onan GT-18 (hydro) I bought.

It is in rough shape, but it runs good. It had a haban snowblower and an "unusable" "parts" deck, and cast iron wheel weights.

I would guess $300-$500, but without pictures it hard to give you an answer. Condition is everything! when it comes to value.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts